Flashback Video: Nick Wechsler in Roswell

Credit: YouTube

We love Nick Wechsler as Jack on ABC's Revenge, but he didn't always run a dive bar and build schools for underprivileged children. That's right, Nick had to graduate high school first! What high school, you ask? Oh, just Roswell High, home of the aliens.

Nick played Kyle Valenti on Roswell, a sci-fi drama that followed a gang of teens living the fab life in Roswell, New Mexico. And by "fab life," we mean hanging with UFOs.

Check out this scene of Kyle real-talking with an alien at a local restaurant. Sigh, it's hard when your brothas from anotha planet put you through an "amazing amount of crap." Stud alert: Kyle wears his Letterman jacket in this scene, so consider yourself warned!

If you need more Nick Wechsler, catch him on ABC's Revenge at 10 ET.

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