Revenge Preview: Nolan Ross Recaps the Season, Gives New Spoilers (VIDEO)

Revenge: From the Beginning premiered on ABC on Wednesday, April 11, and was an hour-long recap of the drama-filled season thus far. 


But what took an hour for ABC took five just minutes for tech-savvy Nolan Ross. In his slow, sarcastic drawl, Nolan catches viewers up on everything they need to know for the upcoming episode, "Justice," airing on Wednesday, April 18 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


The clip also shows some extended scenes from the promo, including what was behind Daniel's "Don't lie to me!" At first, we thought the Hamptons honey might have figured out Emily's plot, but really he was just jealous of seeing Emily Thorne with Jack Porter. 


What do you think of Nolan's recap? Comment below! 

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