Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks the Nemily Potential in Season 3 — Exclusive
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Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks the Nemily Potential in Season 3 — Exclusive

The Season 2 finale of Revenge was filled with explosions, heartbreak, loss, and big reveals, but one of the best perks was the abundance of moments between Emily Thorne and her sidekick bestie, Nolan Ross.

Hopefully these “Nemily” interactions will heat up Season 3 after the dynamic duo spent most of Season 2 apart.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with actor Gabriel Mann about the future of Nemily and how they’ve progressed thus far.

“The person who understands his situation best is Emily, of course,” he told us. “And I just don't know if a romance is ever in the cards between the two of them, but they certainly understand each other. What form that relationship takes probably depends on how many years the show is on the air.”

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If that’s the case, we’ll be rooting for Revenge Season 9 in just a few years! If these two can wait, so can we. But for now, Gabe is happy with how far they’ve come.

“At this point, what I find satisfying is watching the progress,” he said. “Emily [VanCamp] and I were talking about the first scene that we ever saw Emily and Nolan together she's choking him out on a post up against the wall. And we were both saying, look how far we've come. We've now come to the point where we can come at each other with love instead of trying to kill each other. It’s really satisfying to watch those relationships continue to evolve. Anything's possible. Who knows?”

Umm, we do. We know.

Would you like to see Nolan and Emily end up together? Tell us below!

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