Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Turns 41! Check Out Our Favorite Nemily Moments in GIFs!
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Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Turns 41! Check Out Our Favorite Nemily Moments in GIFs!

It may be incredibly hard to believe, but fresh-faced stud Gabriel Mann turns 41 today, May 14! The sexy Revenge actor currently plays Nolan Ross on the hit shoreside drama, but he started off his career as a runway model before transitioning into acting.

And with that gorgeous face and bod, it’s no surprise! One of our favorite things about Gabe is his dreams that one day Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross will join forces (and bodies) to become the epic pairing that would be known as “Nemily.”

Even if the Revenge writers won’t write this couple into the storyline, they have given us plenty of endearing moments to cherish. Here are our favorites:

When they walk around like they own the place

 photo tumblr_mejakbCw9A1qkmebxo2_r1_250_zpsc354e557.gif

When they enter the party like The Plastics

 photo tumblr_mb8hqhRBd91qer9jho3_250_zpsf402c540.gif

When they room together

 photo tumblr_mb8hqhRBd91qer9jho6_r1_250_zpsf40f9ba0.gif

When he turns at the sound of her voice

 photo tumblr_mb8hqhRBd91qer9jho1_250_zpscebd5c5e.gif

When he tells her to kill the White-Haired Man

 photo tumblr_m4l3q3j6uy1qzssrlo1_500_large_zps07747d2e.gif

When he just wants to help

 photo tumblr_mbxtt7td3n1ruezk8o1_250_zpscc7a4479.gif

When she refuses to let him give up his company for her

 photo tumblr_mdcy0puBFf1qah4geo1_500_zpse05f0fe3.gif

And he does it anyway

 photo tumblr_mdcy0puBFf1qah4geo2_500_zps3083b27c.gif

When this glorious moment happened

 photo tumblr_mka4vuyYxm1s5fh8jo1_400_zps7b1ddd63.gif

When they share a secret smirk

 photo tumblr_mkphixCQMF1qidrf8o8_250_zps12cd9155.gif

And another

 photo tumblr_mb7cqhHNAC1qd6igfo1_500_zps97db25ca.gif

When she openly weeps in his arms

 photo tumblr_mmqouk36TB1r4jqvmo2_250_zpsd2fc930b.gif

And he does the same

 photo tumblr_mkk3k10HH41qah4geo3_250_zps875f4e05.gif
 photo tumblr_mkk3k10HH41qah4geo4_250_zps9c141a93.gif
 photo tumblr_mkk3k10HH41qah4geo1_250_zpsc9d71a02.gif
 photo tumblr_mkk3k10HH41qah4geo6_r1_250_zpse4b2d9c0.gif

When he keeps trying no matter what

 photo tumblr_m9lqryWLNx1rfnf8to1_500-2.gif