Game of Thrones Review: Season 3, Episode 9 — Nice Day For a Red Wedding
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Review: Season 3, Episode 9 — Nice Day For a Red Wedding

Now that was what we’ve been waiting for all season! Not since the death of Ned Stark has Game of Thrones left us this simultaneously shocked and saddened. Season 3, Episode 9 ("The Rains of Castamere") was the epitome of a game-changer, as not one, but two fan-favorite characters were brutally killed at the end of the hour.

So what went down in Westeros this week? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review of the episode, and then rate it yourself!

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Before the mayhem of the Red Wedding, Robb and Catelyn have a rare moment of mother-son plotting. Robb plans to take Casterly Rock from the Lannisters. “Take his home, take his gold, take his power,” he says. His mother agrees, “Show them what it’s like to lose what they love.” Of course, they know their lives are at stake. A bit of foreshadowing, perhaps?

The King of the North and his bannerman arrive at the Twins for the wedding of Catelyn's brother, Edmure Tully, to Roslin Frey. However, Walder Frey isn’t going to let Robb waltz into his castle without a few strong words — and sexually harassing Talisa.

When all is said and done, Edmure marries Roslin, and just when things look fine and dandy at the reception — Talisa even tells Robb if she has a son, they would name him Eddard after his father! — “The Rains of Castamere” start playing. Well, that happiness was short-lived. And now the bloodbath begins.

Talisa is fatally stabbed in the stomach, and then Robb is immediately shot with multiple arrows as Cat looks horrifyingly on at the slaughter before her. Cat takes the closest Frey hostage (Walder’s wife) in a desperate attempt to save her wounded son’s life, but Walder has relatives to spare and couldn’t care less. Meanwhile, Robb looks on as his wife and baby die before him. (Stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach? Now, that's a new low, Game of Thrones!)

Torturer-extraordinaire Roose Bolton delivers an uncharacteristically quick death to Robb, stabbing him through the heart (R.I.P., Robb), but not before letting him know, "The Lannisters send their regards." While Walder may hate Robb for breaking his vow, clearly Tywin is behind this attack. However, the bloodshed doesn’t end there. Cat kills her Frey hostage, and is killed herself.

For fans of the books, Talisa’s death may have been a bit of a surprise. In the Song of Ice and Fire series, Robb's wife Jeyne survives the Red Wedding. It looks like she wasn’t a Lannister spy, after all.

Back in Yunkai, Daario lays out a plan of attack for Dany (and then he holds Dany's hand to show her, because he's a smooth operator). Jorah is jealous skeptical. "Or perhaps you'll lead Grey Worm and I to the slaughter," he ponders. However, it looks like Dany’s army trusts Daario on this one, so she sides with him. Burn.

Meanwhile, Arya and The Hound are making their way to the Twins so that he can hand her off to her brother for a handsome reward. However, Arya doesn’t really like the idea of travelling with the man who killed her friend.

Arya is still bloodthirsty. Despite their seeming truce in Episode 8, Arya warns The Hound that she's going to put a sword through his eye.

When they finally reach the Twins, Arya thinks she’ll be able to finally reunite with her family. But as she looks around at all of the suspicious activity around her — Robb’s bannerman are killed, and his direwolf is shot — she realizes her family is under attack. However, before she can rush in, the Hound tells her it is too late and knocks her out.

Robb may have lost his battle, but Jon is still on his undercover mission with the Wildlings. He and his Wildling party stumble on a farmer with horses. The Wildlings want to rob and kill him, but Jon tries very hard to convince them not to, but that only serves to rekindle suspicion against him. But, alas, the Wildlings raid, the man escapes on horse, they follow and eventually catch him. He has to die, or he'll warn the Night's Watch about the Wildlings, and somehow it becomes Jon's job to deal the final blow. This is his moment to prove himself to his comrades, but he can't bring himself to do it. (Starks and their damn honor. If he doesn't watch out, it could be the end of him. Look where it got Robb!)

"Kill him!" Tormund declares, not sure Jon is still a crow and heart, and a fight breaks out. Jon knocks Ygritte over, and kills Orell — unfortunately, Orell wargs into a crow first. Jon literally fights the bird before managing to ride off on a horse, leaving a distraught Ygritte behind.

Meanwhile, Bran and Rickon are back! The motley crew almost blew their cover when Hodor had a mini panic attack. But Bran was able to get inside of his mind using his newfound gift.

Bran sends Rickon, along with Osha, to their bannerman. Poor Rickon doesn’t want to leave his brother (hey, he can talk!) — and we can’t blame him. Every time a Stark says goodbye to a fellow Stark, they never see each other again. So now Bran, Hodor, Jojen, and Meera are on their way to Castle Black. "For all we know, Castle Black's already under attack,” Osha reminds him before she leaves.

Back up North, Sam and Gilly are still on the run. Unlike last week, nothing terribly important happens between these two kindred spirits, except for this hilarious exchange: “You’re, like, a wizard.” Oh, Gilly.

What did you think of “The Rains of Castamere?” Was the Red Wedding just how you pictured? Sound off in the comments below!

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