Game of Thrones Review: Season 3 Finale — “Mhysa”
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Review: Season 3 Finale — “Mhysa”

After last week’s emotional bloodbath on Game of Thrones, we were unsure how we were going to keep it together during tonight’s Season 3 finale. But it turns out Episode 9 was just the beginning of the drama.

Season 3, Episode 10 ("Mhysa") answered a lot of the burning questions that have been building up all season. For example, we finally find out who's been torturing Theon! Plus, the Season 3 finale ended with dragons. Oh, and we saw a very angry Ygritte get her revenge on Jon Snow (who still knows nothing).

So what went down in Westeros this week? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review of the episode, and then rate it yourself!

Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

The opening scene is grim. As the Stark bannermen go are brutally slaughtered outside of the Twins by Roose Bolton and his men, the Hound and a newly awakened Arya come across a startling scene — a group of Frey’s bannerman are parading around, chanting “King of the North” with Robb’s mutilated body on a stick. How mutilated, you ask? Well, let’s just say his head has been replaced by the head of his direwolf, Grey Wind. Oh, and Arya sees the whole thing. Poor girl. Must she watch her entire family be killed at the hands of the Lannisters?

Speaking of the Lannisters, back in King’s Landing, Sansa and Tyrion — now husband and wife — are taking a walk. Cue the playful banter. While we don’t think Sansa is ever going to want to bed Tyrion, we have to admit, these two are kindred spirits. After all, they’re both considered outcasts in King’s Landing — her, the disgraced daughter of Ned Stark, and him, the imp. It isn’t long before the banter is cut short and Tyrion is called into a council meeting.

It seems word of the King of the North’s demise has gotten back to King’s Landing, and naturally, Joffrey couldn’t be happier. We don’t know what he was more excited about: the death of his enemy, or the thought of rubbing it in Sansa’s face. “She’s no longer yours to torment,” Tyrion tells Joffrey, to which he responds, “Everyone is mine to torment.” Ugh. Can someone just kill this kid already?

Thankfully, Tyrion reminds his bratty nephew that “kings are dying like flies” these days. This sends Joffrey into a full-on temper tantrum: "I am the king! I will punish you."

Surprisingly, Tywin, of all people, reminds Joffrey that no true king needs to declare himself king. Joffrey’s response? He calls Tywin a coward by saying he was "hiding under Casterly Rock" during the great war. Burn! Somehow, we don’t think Tywin is going to let Joffrey get away with this one.

And with that, it’s time for Joffrey to leave this council meeting. However, Tywin doesn’t want Tyrion to leave. Tywin notes that he’s a fool if he thinks Joffrey is truly the king — you see, Tywin’s been sitting on the Iron Throne all season. Tyrion puts two and two together; he knows he ordered the attack on the Starks because the Freys would not have acted on their own.

"Explain to me why it is more noble to kill 10,000 men in battle than a dozen at dinner," explained Tywin. Well, shoot, he does have a point. "The Northerners will never forget," warned Tyrion. Yeah, and her name is Arya Stark. (And to think, Arya was so close to Tywin last season.)

Arya isn’t taking the death of her brother lightly. In fact, when she and The Hound come across a group of smug Frey loyalists talking about his “hard it was to sew the wolf’s head” onto Robb’s body, Arya goes into assassin mode. That’s right, Arya Stark takes her first life with a knife she stole from The Hound — and she looked like a badass doing it! Seeing the look in her eyes after her first kill, we don’t think this is going to be her last.

But back in King’s Landing, Tyrion and Tywin’s little conversation is getting real — and emotions are running high. Tywin tells Tyrion that Roose Bolton will be declared Warden of the North until Tywin and Sansa can produce an heir. "The house that puts family first will always defeat the house that puts the whims of wishes of its sons and daughters first,” he remind his son.

Tyrion wants to know when Tywin has ever put him first, and of course, Tywin has one hell of an answer. He says the day Tyrion was born he wanted to kill him but he didn't. Why? Because Tyrion's a Lannister. And for the first time, we actually see emotion from Tywin! Are those actually tears?!

Meanwhile, Frey is having a well-earned snack after his rough night of killing and deceiving. Here, we learn The Blackfish escaped and that Edmure Tully wasn't killed — he’s just being kept in a dungeon. As for Frey, well, he's looking forward to getting a new young bride to replace the one Catelyn' killed.

Roose then tells Frey what happened last season when Winterfell had fallen. He also reveals that Theon Greyjoy was captured by his bastard son Ramsay Snow. For those of you who have read the books, this probably wasn’t very much of a surprise, but, hey, at least we finally have a name for that creepy guy who likes to castrate grown men!

Speaking of Ramsay, when we next see Theon’s captor, he’s chewing a sausage (yuck, we get the implied meaning behind this) with his mouth open. He wonders whether Theon will have phantom limb syndrome while Greyjoy looks miserable. Poor Theon asks Ramsay to kill him, but that would be too easy for Ramsay. So he takes away the last shred of dignity Theon has — his name. And so, Reek is born.

Back in the Iron Islands (yes, we’re going back there), Balon Greyjoy gets a letter from Ramsay Snow — and a box with Theon's, well, you know what. It seems Ramsay is ordering Balon's men out of the North. Balon could care less, but Yara, on the other hand, feels sympathy for her brother’s fate. She's determined to find him — with or without their father's help. And this is why the women on Game of Thrones rule.

Meanwhile, at Dragonstone, Gendry and Davos bond over their shared confinement in tiny, iron-clad cells. So when Stannis tells Davos that Gendry must die, Davos is not having it. He already watched his son die; he’s not going to let Gendry die for no reason, too. So he helps Gendry escape from Dragonstone — but unfortuntely, Stannis sentences his former BFF to death for his actions. That is, until Melisandre “saves” him. Well, at least she did one thing right.

Back in King’s Landing — because a lot of stuff went down in King’s Landing in this finale — Shae is tempted by Varys to leave Tyrion. He gives her a sack of diamonds and tells her get on one of a ships, start a new life. Why? "Tyrion Lannister is one of the few people who can make this country a better place... you are a complication ... your presence endangers him." However, Shae, being Shae, rejects the offer and tells Varys that Tyrion can tell her to leave himself. We think she might regret that one.

Tyrion, however, is too busy having drunken conversations with Cersei to care. She is convinced she won't end up marrying Loras, and she advises Tyrion give Sansa a child so she can have some happiness in her life. She says even Joffrey was a total sweetie as a child. (Um, yeah right.)

But then things get real. "How long does it go on?" he asks Cersei. She replies, "Until we've dealt with all our enemies." His response? "Everytime we deal with an enemy we create two more."

And to think, Tyrion doesn’t even know the kind of army Dany is creating. There are dragons, people! We can’t wait to see the Lannisters try and “deal” with her.

Finally, Jaime and Brienne arrive in King's Landing. She gives him a small smile of encouragement, and then they enter the city that Jaime once called home. You know, when he was the untouchable Kingslayer? Before you know, he ends up at Cersei's door — of course! — and when she gasps in confusion, he looks down at his arm and looks up at her imploringly. Well, at least someone got a happy-ish ending (for now).

What did you think of the Season 3 finale? Were you disappointed? Sound off in the comments!

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