Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4, Episode 10 — “The Mirror Has Three Faces”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4, Episode 10 — “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Have the Liars made their first big break in the endless saga that is the search for "A"? Possibly. On the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 10), the Liars discover the toxic friendship Ali had with CeCe — but that's only the beginning of their twisted relationship. Meanwhile, Wren has always been a potential "A" suspect, but in "The Mirror Has Three Faces," he was acting shady in more ways than one.

But that's not all that went down in Rosewood this week! Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review Season 4, Episode 10 ("The Mirror Has Three Faces"), and then rate it yourself!

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Wren made a creepy return to the Liars' lives when he's assigned to conduct Mona's psych evaluation in Radley. He spied on Haleb, had a weird discussion with Hanna in The Brew, and was on the phone multiple times with some mysterious woman talking about Mona, Radley, and Mrs. Hastings. After Hanna approached Wren for more information on who has been visiting Mona at Radley, he pulls out his phone, calls a mysterious number, and says, "We've got a problem... I'll take care of my end, you take care of yours." Wait, what is that supposed to mean? Could he potentially be working with CeCe? Or is he chatting with his former flame, Melissa? Maybe she's using Wren to be her eyes and ears in Rosewood.

Considering that he's treating Mona — and mysteriously, Mrs. Hastings had to take herself off Ashley Marin's case because she "bullied" Mona into confessing — he is in a prime spot for things to go awry. Sounds like Wren is up to no good. Wren has never done anything openly harmful (unless you count kissing your fiancee’s little sister) toward the Liars, but that still doesn’t mean we can trust him. Until we learn more about his motives and the details about his connections with Radley and Mona, we are not ready to cross him off of The List of Potential Team “A”-ers.

Meanwhile, Hanna is pushed to her limits when Mrs. Hastings is accused of forcing Mona into confessing to Wilden's murder and can no longer be her mom's lawyer. Without a lawyer — and with so much shadiness surrounding Mona's confession — it looks like Ashley Marin may end up back in that orange jumpsuit. That is, unless Hanna can get to the bottom of everything and talk to Mona. Enter perfect boyfriend (and voice of reason!) Caleb.

He's not very happy with Hanna's plan to see Mona. He thinks she's putting too much faith in her former BFF. His solution? Tell Mrs. Hastings about "A!" Caleb is worried that the Liars are finally at the point of no return when it comes to "A." He doesn't think he can protect Hanna from an enemy that is "everywhere and nowhere at the same time." Uh-oh. Could this be the beginning of the end for Haleb?

As for the other complicated Rosewood relationships, Ezra learns the shocking truth that Malcolm isn't actually his son, but when he tries to go to Aria for emotional support, it looks like she's finally moved on with Jake. Not only did Aria and Jake have an adorable date, but she also kissed him! However, once Aria finds out the truth about Malcolm, it won't be long until she finds herself at Ezra's doorstep.

Then there's Spencer and Toby, who are in hot pursuit of the truth behind Marion Cavanaugh's death. The duo visit Marion's senile doctor once more, hoping he'll be able to confirm the mysterious blonde visiting Marion was CeCe Drake, but he can't seem to confirm who it was — only that a Mrs. DiLaurentis visited Radley once. Wait, what?!

It turns out Mrs DiLaurentis did visit Radley once — when CeCe Drake, pretending to be Ali, committed herself, claiming that she "was a danger to herself." It appears that Ali and CeCe were a pair of twisted frenemies. Was this some sort of sick cat-and-mouse game (after all, Ali did get CeCe kicked out of college), or where these two blondes secretly working together the entire time?

What did you think of "The Mirror Has Three Faces," Pretty Little Liars fans? Do you think Wren is on the "A" team? Sound off in the comments!

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