Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4, Episode 4 — Did Melissa Kill Wilden?
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Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4, Episode 4 — Did Melissa Kill Wilden?

Pretty Little Liars fans have grown accustomed to having more questions than answers after every episode, and Season 4, Episode 4 ("Face Time") was no different. Sure, we got some answers (who was on the Halloween train, is Melissa on the "A" team, who started the lodge fire, etc.), but we also ended up with some MAJOR questions (who really killed Wilden — Melissa or Ashley Marin?). Another Tuesday night, another headache. Let's review what went down in this week's episode.

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Spencer was suspicious of Melissa's involvement with the "A" team ever since Mona told the Liars Melissa and Wilden were the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train. But in last week's episode (Season 4, Episode 3: "Cat's Cradle"), Melissa gave Spencer a pretty ominous message: stay out of it. So Spencer comes up with a plan to catch Melissa in the act. When Spencer and Aria hide Melissa's mask in her suitcase, Melissa flips and runs off to Hector, the creepy mask maker. She then purchases every single cast of her face he had on the self — and proceeds to smash them to bits on the dock. But she wasn't alone, and Spencer finally confronts her older sister about everything (three seasons to late, if you ask us!).

First things first: Melissa had the masks made in an effort to get answers from Hector (sound familiar, Spencer?). She wanted to know when the masks were made because she thinks Ali is alive! (Join the club, Melissa.) Then Spencer asks her a few very important questions... Was she on the Halloween train? Yes. Is she the Queen of Hearts? Yes. However, Melissa claims she didn't know what Wilden's agenda was on the Halloween train. She had no idea he was out to kill Spencer and the Liars. More so, she was terrified of Wilden and everyone in the N.A.T. Club, and the only reason she ever joined the "A" team was to protect Spencer! In fact, she even sent Shana to the lodge to protect the Liars because she knew Wilden was going to set it ablaze. Unfortunately, Melissa has no idea who Red Coat is — or who pulled the girls from the fire.

Then Spencer asked her the question we were all thinking: Did she kill Wilden? And Melissa didn't exactly deny the accusation. Instead, she pleaded with Spencer to stay out of it — if she keeps digging, everything will start unraveling. Considering Melissa was so scared of Wilden, a man who was out to kill her little sister and her friends, Melissa's involvement in Wilden's death seems likely. But then why did she save him after he was hit by Ashley Marin's car? Maybe "A" was watching...

Needless to say, given Melissa's odd response and quick getaway, she most likely Wilden. Does that mean Spencer was covering for her sister when she told Aria she doesn't think Melissa killed Wilden, or does Spencer just know her sister well enough to know when she's lying? More importantly, would Spencer really let Ashley Marin take the fall for Wilden's murder? After all, after tonight's episode, Hanna is convinced her mom did it — and so are the state investigators. Gulp.

Things don't look good for our Liars.

In other Rosewood news, Aria and Jake have an awkward encounter with Ezra's son Malcolm, resulting in a heartfelt Jaria moment. (It turns out Jake is pretty good when it comes to love advice.) Meanwhile, poor Emily receives more bad news. Not only did her doctor call Family Services on her family, but he also tells her that her injury may prevent her from swimming professionally. How much more can Emily take before she finally cracks? Considering that "A" called the cops on her parents, citing a "domestic dispute," we're thinking Emily is due for a serious breakdown next week. Let's hope Radley has a spare bed.

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Catch the episode on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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