Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4, Episode 5 — What Did You Think of “Gamma Zeta Die”?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4, Episode 5 — What Did You Think of “Gamma Zeta Die”?

Hanna Marin, we love you, but on tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 5: "Gamma Zeta Die"), you did some incredibly stupid things. We know you want to save your mom, but maybe stealing a gun from her closet — or, in this case, a potential murder weapon — and hiding it in your purse wasn't the best idea. In fact, it lead to disastrous consequences. 

So what went down in Rosewood this week? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review of the episode, and then rate it yourself!

Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

Tippi the bird was may be a goner, but her infamous song lives on thanks to Spencer's serious Nancy Drew skills. Just when they thought Tippi's number was a fake, Spencer recognizes the area code. It seems to match that of a local college, and with college visits just around the corner, it's the perfect time to pay Cicero college campus a visit. Someone on campus has to know Ali, right? Or maybe her beach hottie is a frat boy. So Spencer and Emily, who is still reeling from the fact that she won't be able to swim her way into Stanford, head to Cicero — but with two very different agendas.

Spencer is on a mission to track down the phone number that Ali mysteriously called all summer. Meanwhile, Emily is thinking about applying to "podunk" school Cicero (those are Spencer's words, not ours!) thanks to some encouragement from Brandon, a college admissions coach who Mrs. Hastings hired to get Spencer into the Ivies. Unfortunately, this causes a major blowout between Spencer and Emily. Spencer thinks Em is leading Brandon on, while Emily says she's just being nice — something Spencer knows nothing about since her parents can buy her whatever she wants. Yeah, it was ugly. 

After the fight, Spencer and Emily go their separate ways. Emily tries to talk to a few Cicero sorority girls to see if Greek life is for her, while Spencer runs into a frantic Hanna, who just so happens to be freaking out because she found a gun in her mom's closet. Yep. Hanna found a gun in her mom's locked closet, and instead of leaving it there, she takes it, puts it in her overnight bag, and brings it to a college frat party. Yeah, because bringing a gun to a party full of drunk bros seems like a great idea. 

Hanna wants to ditch the gun somewhere, which Spencer rightfully tells her is a bad idea. She tells Hanna to wait while she finds Emily and then they'll go deal with it together. However, on her search for Emily, Spencer comes across a creepy room. Surprise, surprise, there's a phone, and it just so happens to be the phone number Ali was dialing that summer. So who was Ali trying to call? And more importantly, why? There's no time for that because Hanna is about to get arrested. 

Just when you thought Hanna couldn't do anything worse than steal her mother's gun — and potential murder weapon — she tries to bury it in the woods surrounding Cicero. Has she learned nothing over the past few years? "A" is always watching. Before Hanna can bury the gun, the police find her and arrest her. "Perhaps Hanna and her mom can use the same lawyer," texts "A." Yikes! This does not look good for Hanna! This makes her an accessory to Wilden's murder. 

With Spencer, Emily, and Hanna at Cicero College, Aria had her own drama to deal with in Rosewood. She discovers that her mom has had a change of heart about her romantic European vacay with her Muffin Man because her little brother Mike didn't want her to go. But after a scary bee attack in the her mom's car, which lands Ella in the hospital with more than a few stings, Aria goes to her dad for help. He convinces Ella to follow her dreams to Europe. At least there's one Rosewood parent we won't have to worry about!

What did you think Pretty Little Liars fans? Did you love "Gamma Zeta Die"? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the episode on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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