The Vampire Diaries Review: What Did You Think of Season 5, Episode 2?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Review: What Did You Think of Season 5, Episode 2?

With new mysterious, new bad guys, and surprising new friendships (Katherine and Jeremy, what?!), The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is off to a solid start.

But is TVD getting back to its old tricks with more love triangle drama? At the end of Season 5, Episode 2 ("True Lies"), Elena promises Damon that no matter what happens when they find Stefan, she’ll always love him. But does Elena really mean it?

Not only had she been having dreams of Stefan and feeling like he was in danger, when Silas used his mind control to get Elena to kill Damon, the only thing that calmed her down was thinking of Stefan. And then there’s Stefan, whose hallucinations of Elena were the only things that stopped him from flipping the humanity switch. We’re not sure where this is all headed, but we’re hoping it doesn’t lead to Elena kissing Stefan and being “confused” about her feelings. That was so Seasons 1-4.

As for the rest of the Mystic Falls gang, we’re increasingly intrigued by the growing friendship between Jeremy and Katherine. Sure, they’re never going to be besties, but seeing Katherine save Jeremy from Silas was a turning point for these two. Now that she’s human, there’s a lot she can learn from Jeremy — perhaps the most human of them all (sorry Matt Donovan, but this week, you were kind of on edge).

But Silas isn’t the only Big Bad this season. Creepy Professor Wes has a lot to hide, and he takes an interest in Elena, which is never a good sign. Hopefully, Caroline will put her Nancy Drew skills to use and find out what’s up. And if she needs muscle, she can always call on hottie Jesse. These two are totally going to hook up.

Overall, we'd give this episode a 7/10. What did you think of the episode, TVD fans? Sound off in the comments!

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10.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Crystal Bell
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