True Blood Review: Season 6, Episode 6 — Who Dies?
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True Blood

True Blood Review: Season 6, Episode 6 — Who Dies?

Plot lines are converging and the stakes are getting higher and higher on True Blood Season 6. After Episode 5's nail-biter of an ending, we were on pins and needles waiting for Season 6, Episode 6: "Don't You Feel Me" (July 21). Did it live up to expectations? Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's gut review of the episode, and then rate it yourself below.

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This episode started by quickly wrapping up last week's cliffhangers — Warlow saved Sookie, Eric was able to break the glass in the observation room, ending the fight with Pam. Whew.

Unfortunately, our fave vamps are still very, very captured. To punish Eric, the Governor injected Nora with some newly formulated vamp killing disease, which actually links to a much larger plot: It turns out the Governor's plan is to re-start the manufacturing of Tru Blood ... but all the Tru Blood going to market will be infected with the disease. Damn. We're certainly interested to see where that goes.

Bill, in an attempt to fix things, made contact with Lilith. He wanted answers, but she only gave him cryptic advice and told him everything that was happening was his fault. Thanks, Lilith. You're so very helpful. Bill took matters into his own hands by downing Warlow's blood and heading off to save his friends. He got his start by awesomely ripping off the Governor's head. Man, we love this version of Bill.

We learned more about Warlow this week, too. He's a creature of light at heart, but when darkness falls, he needs to feed. He continued to try to woo Sookie, even offering to destroy the contract that "gave" her to him. He painted a very, um, intense image of their life together, traipsing through the centuries feeding off each other, and only each other. How ... romantic? Apparently Sookie was won over, though, because the episode ended in a blood soaked sex scene between the lovers.

In werewolf/shifter news, Alcide's dad ratted out Sam and co. to Alcide, but he was too late — Sam was smart enough to dash ... so that he could hand Emma off to her grandma. Someone please explain what the point of this little diversion was, then? At least their goodbye was touching. Alcide, of course, was not happy to find out about this, but he let Sam live ... but only if he stays out of the area, including Bon Temps, for good.

And, of course, worst for last: Terry died. Actually. Friend shot him in the head. Simple as that. BRB, crying.

Favorite scenes: The delightfully hilarious scene where Terry tried to hand off his safety deposit box key to a confused Lafayette; Jason and Sarah's verbal sparring; Willa and the Governor's showdown; Jessica's vampire partner refusing to have sex with her against her will; Bill's head-ripping glory; Arlene comforting Terry in his last moments.

All in all, this was a strong episode, and we're on the edge of our seats waiting for next week. 4/5 stars!

What did you think of "Don't You Feel Me," Truebies? Rate it below, and sound off in the comments!

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