True Blood Review: Season 6 Finale — Episode 10: “Radioactive”
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True Blood

True Blood Review: Season 6 Finale — Episode 10: “Radioactive”

True Blood ended its shortened Season 6 tonight with Episode 10: “Radioactive,” and it was a game-changer for the HBO show. From shocking deaths to a big time jump, we’re still reeling from the intense hour, so let’s all take a breath and process our feelings.

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This episode jumped from the unusual (vampires storming Bon Temps and partying naked in the sunlight), to the baffling (Warlow is possessive, crazy, and now dead; Eric and Pam could be dead, too), to the what the what (six-month time jump has vamps and humans pairing off). Basically, we can’t wrap our minds around how an hour could change so much.

Let the record show that we totally called Alcide and Sookie hooking up, even though it makes no sense. They barely said a word to each other all season, then they reconnected at Terry’s funeral and were happy and living together in the six-month time jump. Umm, OK, at least he cleaned up and was shirtless in a few scenes.

In other WTF relationships, we’re unsure what to think about Jason and Violet. She seemed a little crazy, but she did help save Sookie and seems to genuinely care about Jason. Well, except for their unrequited sex life, but maybe it’s time that someone put him in his place in the bedroom.

True Blood Review: Season 6 Finale — Episode 10: “Radioactive”
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Honestly, all of our confusion stems from Warlow, though. We should have been skeptical, but like Sook, we let our guard down and trusted him. Instead of being a nice guy who just wants to be with his soulmate, he wants to control Sookie and have his way with her for eternity. When she asked if they could just “date,” he punched and choked her, tied her to a pole, and drank her to near-death. As she put it, he’s a “monster.” Thankfully, he’s dead now, thanks to the help of back-in-the-nick-of-time Niall and Jason. Bye forever, Warlow!

After Warlow’s death is when we started having all the feels — but not about him. About Eric, the heart and soul of the show, who may be dead. Once the powers of Lillith’s blood disappeared with Warlow, the vamps who drank it could no longer day-walk anymore. Eric was lounging naked and reading in the middle of nowhere (well, somewhere in snow-covered Sweden) and erupted into flames and potentially died. Oh, and the show gave us no answers in the strange six-month time jump, so both he and Pam could be dead (they weren’t seen or talked about in the future). If they both perished so unceremoniously, we might have to quit watching.

As for that time jump in general, we don’t really have anything to say. Sure, it focused on the humans, but in a weird way. Everyone was asked to “pair up” with a vampire to keep safe considering the Hep V crisis; Sam is mayor and developed a thick Southern accent out of nowhere; and Arlene bought Merlotte’s since, clearly, Sam can no longer take care of it, renaming it Bellefleur’s. Oh, and Bill wrote a book. At a weird “mixer” for vamps and humans, James (Jessica’s vamp boyfriend) was singing in a band, Tara’s mom asked her to feed from her, and Tara also may be dating Willa. It felt very rushed toward the end, even though the episode was split half and half, and we would have rather seen more with Eric’s fate than a Bon Temps party. However, a group of scary-looking vampires was headed toward the party, setting up for an interesting Season 7 opener.

We’re mixed about the finale, so we give it 3 out of 5 stars. Better luck next time, True Blood!

What did you think of the finale, Truebies? Rate it below, and sound off in the comments!

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