RHoA Cast Members Must All Film Together to Stay on Show For Season 7 — Report
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHoA Cast Members Must All Film Together to Stay on Show For Season 7 — Report

Things are about to get real awkward down in Hotlanta. While in the past, stars of Real Housewives franchises have been able to avoid the women they were feuding with, choosing not to film with them (we’re looking at you NeNe Leakes), that’s reportedly over now. According to a new report, the RHoA women are going to have to all film together!

Yep, that includes Season 6 reunion sparring partners Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. All About the Real Housewives’ insiders claim although Bravo producers have invited all of the current cast members back for Season 7, in order to appear on the show, they’ll have to film and interact with each and every one of the other ladies.

“Bravo has had it with the egos of the Housewives,” the source says. “They talked to all the Atlanta ladies when they were asked back and specifically told them that if they expect to stay on the show and receive their paycheck, they will do what every employee has to do — THEIR JOB!”

The site also reports this new deal is specifically targeted at Mrs. Leakes to quash any possible filming requirements or limits she may bring into the new season as the resident veteran. They see her interactions with the castmates as the most interesting storyline at this point, and don’t want that interfered with, the insider shares.

Now, none of this has been confirmed by the Housewives or network execs, but we have to admit we’re happy with this policy, if it’s true. There’s not much of a show if the women are able to pick and choose their on-screen partners. But will Porsha and Kenya be able to stand being within a few feet of one another? Time will tell.

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Source: All About the Real Housewives