Are the Real Housewives’ Feuds Causing Them to Lose Endorsement Deals?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Are the Real Housewives’ Feuds Causing Them to Lose Endorsement Deals?

There’s nothing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast seems to enjoy more than a fierce feud, but is the cast’s non-stop fighting keeping them from making the really big bucks?

The show’s cast isn’t paid too shabbily, and many of the women featured are already independently wealthy, but there’s real money to be made for these boozy brawlers in the endorsement game — and their non-stop drama is keeping them from getting to it.

A source for reveals that, while the ladies’ extension-pulling and name calling may make for great TV, it doesn’t make them ideal candidates for companies hoping to give off a refined image.

With all the fighting and ugly mud-slinging, people are not as willing to have these ladies as brand ambassadors for certain products,” says an insider.

While Brandi Glanville has churned out two New York Times bestsellers and Lisa Vanderpump has made a name for herself as a restaurateur, the other members of the cast aren’t seeing checks from outside deals, and it may cause a financial shock for some of the show’s cast when the series inevitably ends.

“Brand managers and companies are starting to feel like the risk is too high with these women and they don’t want to have to distance themselves in the future so they’re just not reaching out now.”

Would you watch RHOBH if the show’s cast wasn’t constantly at war?