RHOBH Star Kyle Richards: “I Don’t Like Seeing Myself Gain Weight on TV”
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Kyle Richards

RHOBH Star Kyle Richards: “I Don’t Like Seeing Myself Gain Weight on TV”

After a red-carpet interview with Allure, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and former child actress Kyle Richards provided an intriguing tidbit of information when asked about her beauty routine for the show.

She started out simple, talking about her makeup choices — the eternal struggle of more vs. less that all the reality stars deal with. “I don't even wear that much for the show,” she confessed. “I usually just wear a little mascara and a little liner. When people tell me I look good in a scene, I realize, Oh, that's when I didn't have that much makeup on, so maybe I'll wear a little less of that.”

Then the interview took a revealing turn. “And I work out more,” Kyle continued, “because I don't like seeing myself gain weight on TV." The former child actress probably has some unique experience with that, given that she was on television as she was growing up. Though she started out a little girl, she worked well through her teen years, when most people do things like get taller, get more awkward, and, yes, gain a little weight. That’s gotta be difficult on anyone, and it seems to have left a mark on the brunette beauty.

For the record: We think Kyle always has and always will be a stunner. You do you, girlfriend.

Does Kyle need to worry about her weight? Or should she focus on keeping sister Kim from getting fired? Let us know in the comments!