Which RHoBH Star Is “Most Fake” According to Joyce Giraud? It’s Not Brandi Glanville!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Which RHoBH Star Is “Most Fake” According to Joyce Giraud? It’s Not Brandi Glanville!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud clearly have their issues. But at least Brandi puts her feelings about Joyce out in the open. So which co-star does Joyce find to be the most fake?

Joyce tells All About TRH that she actually finds Carlton Gebbia to be the phoniest cast member on the show. So why is that?

"I think Carlton was fake to my face because she never told me she had problem with me," Joyce explains. "She smiled and said certain shoots were fun and great, like lunch at Kyle's. Then, I see the show, and she’s talking all this crap! If you didn’t have a good time… Why say you did to then go trash talk?"

But Yolanda Foster doesn't get off scot-free in the interview either. "I also feel like Yolanda acts like she’s a 'girls girls' and a good friend on camera but is sometimes so arrogant and acts as if she’s above the world," Joyce says.

"For [Yolanda's] husband to say that Yolanda says all her castmates are clowns trying to make a living and that she is only using the show as a stepping stone to get her own spinoff is the most ungrateful and arrogant thing I’ve heard," she adds. "She joined a hit show. Be grateful to your producers and don’t minimize the achievements of your cast members because the reality is that most of the girls actually do work."

Do you agree that Carlton and Yolanda seem fake?

Source: All About TRH

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