RHOC’s Kelly Alleges Meghan’s Husband “Has a Mistress” in Bitter Text Exchange
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Real Housewives of Orange County

RHOC’s Kelly Alleges Meghan’s Husband “Has a Mistress” in Bitter Text Exchange


Meghan King Edmonds and Kelly Dodd’s friendship may be over for good.

Though the Real Housewives of Orange County stars were pals long before either appeared on TV, the pair got into a heated battle over text messages involving infidelity!

On Monday night’s episode, the friends came face to face after throwing cheating accusations at one another in between seasons.

Their text conversation began with the 32-year-old accusing Kelly of cheating on her husband of 13 years, Michael.

“I heard you had a boyfriend,” Meghan texted before the 43-year-old responded with, “A friend told me your husband has a mistress.

Shots. Fired.

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Needless to say, Meghan, who has been married to baseball player Jim Edmonds for nearly three years, was offended by the comments, texting back, “We are pregnant for God’s sake, Kelly. My God.”

Kelly also shot down cheating rumors, saying, “I don’t have a boyfriend. And, quite frankly, if I did, I would say.”

Meghan defended her husband against the accusations, saying, “I don’t really give a s—t because I know it’s not true.”

She continued, “[Kelly] didn’t like that question, so she got mad and [sent] me a text when I’m seven months pregnant, saying ‘Your husband is having an affair on you. Just thought you should know.’

“That’s not a text that you send to someone seven months pregnant.”

Because of their tift, Meghan was fine keeping Kelly at arm’s length for a little while.

“I just cut Kelly Dodd out for a few months, and then I let her back in,” she shared.

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“Because it’s all a hell of a lot easier to get along with Kelly than it is to fight with her. The way that Kelly goes after people is not normal.”

She continued, “In a lot of ways, I see Kelly as a child having a temper tantrum. And reasoning with a 3-year-old is not easy, and sometimes that’s how Kelly is.”

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Kelly is clearly the villain of RHOC — she’s also made accusations about Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge — but she acknowledges her pitfalls.

“I have a really really hard time controlling myself. When someone presses my buttons, I’m going to press the button right back,” she said.

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