How Did the RHoNJ Ladies Stay Warm During the Snowstorm?
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

How Did the RHoNJ Ladies Stay Warm During the Snowstorm?

Most of the Tri-State area got hit with a major snowstorm the past few days, so what are The Real Housewives of New Jersey doing to stay warm? Melissa Gorga and Caroline Manzo, at least, are keeping warm the Italian way: with yummy food!

Melissa is less than thrilled with the weather, and based on her Twitter post, it seems that she's resorting to food to cure her cabin fever.

"SNOW = What do I eat next... Ugh," Melissa wrote on January 21.

How Did the RHoNJ Ladies Stay Warm During the Snowstorm?
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Meanwhile, Caroline is taking advantage of the blizzard conditions to fix up more of her scrumptious recipes.

"Snow is piling up, making 16 Bean Soup to warm our bellies!" Caroline updated on her website the same day, along with a bunch of shots of her soup in the works.

A little while later, Caroline went on her website to share a photo of her culinary creation and we have to admit that it makes us feel all warm inside just looking at it.

"Finished product w/ crusty bread – NICE!," Caroline wrote next to the picture of the hearty soup in an adorable black-and-white checkered bowl.

Caroline's been doing a lot of food-sharing on social media lately, so much so that her son Albie had to tell her to chill with all the cooking pictures. Personally, we're kinda enjoying her ongoing food show on Twitter.

The Manzo'd With Children star plans on losing almost 30 pounds this year between healthy diet and exercise, and her regiment seems to be working so far. Everything she’s been whipping up in the kitchen seems both healthy yet delicious. You can consider us inspired! Pass the Crock Pot!

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