Are RHONJ Producers Upset at Teresa Giudice For Not Being Dramatic Enough? Report
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Are RHONJ Producers Upset at Teresa Giudice For Not Being Dramatic Enough? Report

Did you ever think you’d see the day when Teresa Giudice was accused of not being dramatic enough? Mark your calendars.

As you probably know, Teresa and her husband Joe are knee-deep in legal drama. They pleaded guilty to multiple fraud charges last month, with sentencing coming in July. Filming recently ended for Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6, and Teresa’s legal woes will be covered, in some fashion. However, her crisis manager/legal coach Wendy Feldman told RumorFix that “Bravo and the production company treated this with respect.”

"Respect" is not a word people are used to pairing with Teresa, and a source close to the show told RadarOnline that producers are actually mad at her because she didn't "bring it" by producing the drama fans have come to expect. “She basically checked out this season," the source said. "She’s so afraid about going to jail that she refused to get in fights with anyone on camera!”

The source added, “The production team even set up situations where the other ladies could call her out about the legal troubles but she refused to engage." This made filming her very "difficult.” She just wanted to pick up a paycheck, they said, but the producers ended up unhappy with the lackluster footage.

This may be an unpopular stand to take, but if this report is true, good for Teresa. Reality TV, especially the Housewives series, isn't really set up for good behavior, but a 180-degree turn from Teresa may actually be just what she and the show need. Her "storyline" outside the show is interesting enough — extra feuding drama isn't necessary. Besides, the “villain” story gets stale when you repeat it too many times. And let's be real, she has more important things to focus on.

Do you like the idea that Season 6 might show a less dramatic Teresa or would that be boring?

Source: RadarOnline

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