Which #RichKids of Beverly Hills Make Their Own Money?
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Which #RichKids of Beverly Hills Make Their Own Money?

It’s no secret that the #RichKids of Beverly Hills stars are incredibly wealthy. These five 20-somethings together have a combined net worth of $16.4 million a figure so large, it’s actually pretty hard to comprehend.

But while Dorothy Wang describes herself on Twitter as “funemployed,” some of the #RichKids do support themselves with money they make themselves. It all went down during the January 20 episode of Bethenny.

“Does all of the money come from your parents?” host Bethenny Frankel asked Dorothy and her crew.

Which #RichKids of Beverly Hills Make Their Own Money?
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“I’ve made every dollar that I support myself with,” Brendan Fitzpatrick told her. “I’m a real estate broker in Beverly Hills.”

At age 25, Brendan has been in the real estate business for six years, and he’s making millions of dollars. As we found out from the #RichKids premiere, Brendan sold his first house for $15 million — when he was only 19 years old!

“I support myself, too,” Jonny Drubel told her. “I’m a songwriter.” As an up-and-coming artist, though, Jonny isn’t making Kanye West-level amounts of cash quite yet. When Bethenny asked if he was making money from his songwriting, Jonny replied, “Eh... yeah. Most of the money. As much as I can make right now.”

Though cast member Roxy Sowlaty didn’t say anything on the show, we know that she also has a job. Roxy works as an interior designer, and she recently tweeted a photo of an entryway she’s designing. It’s unclear if she fully supports herself, but considering that her parents cut her off during Episode 2 (well, except for a very small amount of spending money), we’d say its safe to say that she’s paying at least some of her bills on her own.

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