#RichKids’s Roxy Sowlaty: THIS Kardashian Is One of My “Closest Friends” — Exclusive
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#RichKids’s Roxy Sowlaty: THIS Kardashian Is One of My “Closest Friends” — Exclusive

It’s easy to see how people might compare Roxy Sowlaty from #RichKids of Beverly Hills to Kim Kardashian. They’re both of Middle Eastern descent. Both grew up in Beverly Hills. Both are from wealthy families. Plus, Roxy’s new reality series airs on E! right after Kim’s, so when you see her on TV you probably have Kim Kardashian on the brain, anyway.

But mention the comparison to Roxy, and the 25-year-old seems a bit surprised. Clearly, she doesn’t think of herself as a Kim doppelgänger, though she’ll fully admit that she’s “obsessed” with the Kardashian’s show.

But while most fans of the series haven’t actually met the Kardashians in real life, Roxy grew up in the same community. So, yeah, she’s met them. In fact, she even helped Kim and her sisters open up their DASH store in NYC.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently spoke exclusively with Roxy, and she tells us all about her Kardashian connection, including which family member she considers one of her “closest friends.”

Wetpaint Entertainment: Back in January when #RichKids of Beverly Hills premiered, you tweeted with Kim Kardashian’s friend, Sheiva. How do you know her?

Roxy Sowlaty: Okay, so I have gone elementary through college with Robert Kardashian. He’s like my brother. He’s one of my closest friends in the world. I managed DASH in New York for them when I first moved to New York, and they are really supportive, amazing people in my life.

Sheiva I met through them, because she’s Kourtney’s assistant, and previously Kim’s. And Roya, everyone. They’re amazing.

And now your show airs right after theirs.

It’s surreal. It’s the most bizarre, bizarre thing.

#RichKids’s Roxy Sowlaty: THIS Kardashian Is One of My “Closest Friends” — Exclusive
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Do you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

I mean, I’m obsessed with the show. I think they’re amazing women. They’re such a funny, amazing family. Even before they were on TV, it was such a given that they were meant [for it]. Everyone was always obsessed with what the girls were doing.

Every boy in our high school just loved Kim and Kourtney and Khloe. They’ve been that way since we were little. So the show is just so fitting. They’re amazing. I think the show is hysterical. I think they’re an amazing family. Their love is for each other is so amazing. Everyone wants that love in a family.

You’re Persian, not Armenian like the Kardashians, but I’ve seen a few people online comparing you to Kim.


Have you seen that before? What’s it like to have people make that comparison?

I mean, it’s an honor because she’s so striking. I think, you know, it’s just that we’re all Middle Eastern. So we all have the same dark hair and tan skin. It’s obviously an honor to be compared to her. She is strikingly beautiful. They all are.

#RichKids’s Roxy Sowlaty: THIS Kardashian Is One of My “Closest Friends” — Exclusive
Credit: Instagram    

And their makeup always looks flawless. It’s gorgeous.

Even without makeup, though, they’re just striking. If you walk in and see Kim with no makeup on, she’s even prettier than she is with makeup on. They all have those amazing eyes. Their eyelashes are just beautiful and long, without anything on. I’m so jealous.

Have you gotten to meet Nori?

I haven’t. I think it’s just, everyone’s been busy. All this happened at the same time. But I’ve heard she’s amazing and beautiful.

She has Kim’s eyes. She’s a super cute baby.

I think those eyes are a very dominant gene. Everyone gets the beautiful eyes. They’re so lucky.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills airs on E! Sunday nights at 10 p.m., right after Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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