Rick Grimes Is at His Most “Dangerous” and “Dynamic” in The Walking Dead Season 5
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Rick Grimes Is at His Most “Dangerous” and “Dynamic” in The Walking Dead Season 5

Watch your necks, everybody — The Ricktator is coming back strong in The Walking Dead Season 5.

No one is happier than Andrew Lincoln to see Rick Grimes back in beast mode. Rick started Season 4 as a farmer, attempted peace talks in the mid-season finale, and took a lot of breaks afterward on the way to killing Joe and getting locked up in Terminus.

Rick’s meant to take center stage in Season 5, helping his team escape T-town and … do whatever they do from there. It’ll be intense, whatever it is, since Rick has moved past his internal conflict about his Hulk within. As Andy told Gold Derby, Rick has “made peace with both of the sides of him,” the beauty and the beast. "I think that he's at a very new place” in Season 5, Andy added. "I think that he's at his most dangerous, but also dynamic, and he's — I'm enjoying playing him this season is all I'm going to say."

Big smile after that quote, but no spoilers. However, he did also tell Gold Derby the first few episodes of S5 will be “astonishing” and “no holds barred” with energy, emotional impact, story, and character moments.

In an AMC video posted just after the Season 4 finale, Greg Nicotero (who would go on to direct S5 Ep1) said, “I would pretty much guarantee that we’re going to see a completely different Rick Grimes in Season 5. One who just is willing to do anything and would never question any motive or any decision. He just goes into it head first.”

And that head now has even more of a mustache and beard (see Andy’s June 20 video interview below), which hints to some time passing as the S5 story develops. They are only filming up to about Episode 5 at this point, having started shooting the new season in the first week of May. They should finish filming all 16 episodes in November, just like last year.

Are you ready to meet the new dangerous, dynamic Rick Grimes in Season 5?

Source: Gold Derby