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Ricki, Meet Brad! And the Cameras! And the Producers! Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8

The Bachelor is full of sensationally uncomfortable (yet hilarious) moments. We present to you our top cringe-worthy picks from Season 15, Episode 8. Let the good times roll... right into Awkwards-ville:

Ricki, Meet Brad! And the Cameras! And the Producers! Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8
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5. Hey Mom and Dad, wait’ll you hear how we met!
At least Chantal O’Brien has the sense to be embarrassed to tell “the slap” story to her parents. Surprisingly, Brad Womack is the one who brings it up, clearly hoping for some backup. Chantal’s mother is appropriately shocked that her daughter would make such a lasting first impression, right out of the limo no less. Brad and Chantal try to play the slap off as “funny” and “sweet,” but nobody’s buying it.

4. Si! I mean, oui!
Brad is like a rabbit living on lettuce — he only eats bland food. So when Ashley Hebert suggests he try a local Maine delicacy of fries with cheese and gravy, he’s already thrown off. It’s a wonder he doesn’t call his therapist. Instead, he just confuses French with Spanish, responding to the French-speaking waitress with “Si” instead of “Oui.” Hey, he is from Texas!

3. Would you like to see my embalming tools?
Brad is an enabler. If he stopped asking Shawntel Newton so many questions about her profession, she’d probably stop going on about it. Instead, Brad talks to the camera abut how he’s freaked out in the mausoleum, then tells Shawntel he’s fascinated by what she does. He wants details. He agrees to lay down on the embalming table as Shawntel puts on a face mask and pretends to go to work. Brad looks uncomfortable even in situations where others would be at ease, so this is just painful to watch.

2. Do not mess with my retirement plans!
You’d almost think Shawntel’s hometown date would get better after she and Brad leave the mausoleum. Instead, her father ensures the situation becomes even more uncomfortable. He lays the guilt on pretty thick when Shawntel mentions possibly moving away from her hometown to live with Brad in Austin. She’s is the eldest daughter, and the plan is for her to take over the (morbid) family business in Chico when he retires. Dad makes it perfectly clear that Shawntel would be missed. That’s probably true, but there are funeral parlors in Texas. At the end of the date, Brad tells Shawntel they have his blessing, but it doesn’t come off as genuine; Brad can feel the don’t-you-dare just oozing off Shawntel’s dad. She must stay.

1. Ricki meets Brad… and the rest of the crew
It’s awkward for any kid to meet a potential stepfather. Shy little Ricki has to meet Brad while The Bachelor crew watches from a few feet away. There’s at least one camera person, whoever is handling sound, and at least one producer, on top of Mom and Brad. And they are all staring at Ricki, waiting for her to say or do something on cue. Some kids are real hams, but Ricki seems like she’d rather just hang out alone with her mom. Sorry, kid!

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