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Justin Bieber Takes Girl on Rickshaw Ride, Guard Runs Behind (VIDEO)

While Selena Gomez was reconnecting with her bestie Taylor Swift through the power of dance, the boy who supposedly got between them was off in Venice Beach picking up chicks. Guess his invite to the Met Gala got lost in the mail...

The lucky (or not, depending on whom you ask) lady got a lift courtesy of the “Baby” singer while the two took in scenic Venice Beach on May 5. TMZ identifies Justin’s companion as one Yovanna Ventura and she was also spotted spending the weekend with Justin in Las Vegas, where the Biebs was in town for the Floyd Mayweather fight. Come Monday, they headed west to the seaside.

Sounds romantic and all except for one 6-foot detail: Justin’s bodyguard. When the Biebs and his new arm candy hopped into the beachside rickshaw on California’s golden coast, a security detail had to follow behind (think that time Selena and Justin went segwaying with an entourage but worse). This time, a hulking man slowly jogged behind a bright yellow cart being driven by another man on a bicycle. Be still our beating hearts. (And watch the video above.)

How far did Justin’s sandy seduction of Yovanna get? Who knows but whatever came next, we just hope he dismissed security first.

Source: TMZ

05.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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