Does Ricky Martin Want More Kids?
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Does Ricky Martin Want More Kids?

Ricky Martin is totally living la vida loca now that he is raising two twin boys, Valentino and Matteo, both 5, all while living on the road touring. But, you guys? The 42-year-old singer wants to add more loca to his family life, and he wants it in the shape of a “little princess.”

"I want daddy's little girl," Ricky gushes to People. "[Being a parent] enhances everything. I'm only starting … I want more kids!" We hope that happens sooner rather than later. How cute would Ricky’s little girl be?!

Aside from growing his family of three, Ricky is still hopeful for love. The singer recently split with his longtime partner, Carlos Gonzalez this past January, and Ricky hasn’t ruled out the possibility of meeting someone who “has the same vision in life.”

Ricky adds, "I am more of a dreamer, so I want someone that is a little bit more realistic than me … someone that can complement my creative madness and can bring me down when I'm in the middle of my creative chaos. I love commitment."

But until his Prince Charming comes along, Ricky has his two lovable boys to dote on. In fact, with each day that passes, Valentino and Matteo are quickly becoming just like dad…

"They love being on the road," the proud papa says. "They're very musical kids and they are little artists. They're little mini-me's!" So what happens if they want to follow in daddy’s footsteps?

"I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but whatever they choose and whatever they decide to become, I will be right there supporting them.”

Source: People

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