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11 Ridiculously Hot Chris Hemsworth Pics (PHOTOS)

The more Hemsworths in the world, the better! Ridiculously hot star Chris Hemsworth and his equally-impossibly beautiful wife, Elsa Pataky, just welcomed their second and third children, twins, to the world. This brand-new duo joins Chris and Elsa's first adorable daughter, India Rose, as members of one of the most gorgeous families to ever grace the Earth.

In addition to being a DILF ;times three, Chris absolutely kills ;it as ;Thor in Marvel's The Avengers franchise, including starring in his own two Thor ;films. ;Yeah, we like crazy action, comic book heroes, and incredible special effects. But know what else we like? The incredible special effect that Chris has on us. Yeah, we went there.

Thor or not, Chris is one of the sexiest dads we've ever seen. (We'd have his babies too, if we could.)

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