Riff Raff Files Lawsuit to Keep Masturbation Photos Under Wraps
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Riff Raff Files Lawsuit to Keep Masturbation Photos Under Wraps

Riff Raff may seem like a guy who’s into relaxing and having a good time, but he doesn’t want any pictures of him getting really relaxed and having a really good time on the internet for future generations of Riff Raffs to find.

TMZ reports that Riff, AKA Horst Simco, has issued a cease and desist via his lawyer to TheDirty.com, demanding that the website remove an article and photos it’s currently hosting in which Riff can be seen clear as day, junk in hand.

The article alleges that the photos come from a hairdresser who went to Riff’s house to do his hair after being contacted by him on Twitter, only to end up up being sexually harassed by the rapper, who proceeded to masturbate in front of her.

Another alleged victim, who claimed to have reached out to RIff for an interview with her college newspaper, added her own similar story, telling the site, “He immediately tries to get me to sit on his bed but I politely say I would like to sit on the stool by the bar in his kitchen. Then he started j--king off too. I got mad so he stopped. I kept trying to interview him like the good lil reporter I am, amidst his perverted attempts to get me to grab his d--k. He even asked me to rub his chest and just stare in his eyes.”

Riff’s team claims the stories are false and damaging to his reputation. He is, somewhat admirably, not trying to deny that the photos are of him — like anyone else could make competing TV network logo tattoos look so darn sophisticated, anyway.

Source: TMZ, The Dirty

08.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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