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What Does Rihanna’s Mom Look Like? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

Wetpaint Entertainment is here to set the record straight on matters related to your favorite stars — from Miley Cyrus's furry fashion to Taylor Swift's furry friends.

Using our Internet wiles, we grabbed some of the most burning queries made to Google, Bing, and more hoping to shed some light on some hot topics. Get some answers below!

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Does Taylor Swift Have a Dog?

What Does Rihanna’s Mom Look Like? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
Credit: Taylor Swift on Facebook    

As of 2011, Taylor Swift had two dogs: mini dobermans named Bug and Baby! They may actually be her parents' dogs, since Taylor has tweeted about her parents' Dobermans — especially since she first mentioned the precious pups, along with a cat named Indi, in an interview when she was just 17. Plus, Taylor's social media is mostly dominated by her adorable cat, Meredith.

What Does Rihanna's Mom Look Like?

What Does Rihanna’s Mom Look Like? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images    

Much like Beyonce, Rihanna has an obvious source for her stunning looks: her mama! We all got a glimpse — although not our first one — at the proud parent when mother Monica Braithwaite presented RiRi with her Icon Award at the AMAs, along with a heartfelt speech:

Rihanna, I’m so proud of you tonight. I know the journey and your career has not always been an easy one, but tonight I applaud and admire you for being so strong and so positive and so humble and so focused. And I mean, it’s amazing how you always manage to take good from all your experiences. I’m so pleased to be a part of this historic moment and I just want to say I’m proud to present to you the first-ever AMA Icon Award.

Aww! So adorable.

Rihanna and her mom are pretty close. In 2012, Monica joined her daughter on Oprah and got a big surprise — a five-bedroom mansion! If only we could all buy our moms houses. It's the least we all could do after those long hours of labor.

Speaking of this pair being close, there's also that time that RiRi grabbed Monica's boob… but that's a different story.

Was Miley Cyrus's Coat Real Fur?

What Does Rihanna’s Mom Look Like? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images    

Miley Cyrus drew some ire from fans when she cozied up in some fur couture for both the Jingle Ball and New Years Rockin' Eve. The question is: Were the coats faux fur or faux pas?

The "Wrecking Ball" singer has stayed mum on the subject — and, notably, PETA, who follow Miley closely — but we're guessing that the New Years coat, at least, is fake. There's a whole lot of context to any speculation about whether Miley's coat used to be alive, though!

The New Years Rockin' Eve coat was designed by The Blonds, the high-fashion duo designing much of Miley's wardrobe for her Bangerz tour. Other notable clients include noted animal rights activist and faux-fur aficionado Ke$ha; and Katy Perry, a Humane Association supporter who also sticks to fake fur.

We did a little bit of digging, and every time the designers specify whether a fur is fake or real, it's a fake — even the straightjacket that Beyonce "Wore a Fur Jacket to a Vegan Restaurant" Knowles wore for her "Pretty Hurts" video, when theoretically Bey wouldn't care either way.

Specifically, that NYE jacket looks a whole lot like a faux white fur jacket from The Blonds' Fall 2008 runway show, which has another notable wearer: Barbie!

Unfortunately for fans that were hoping Miley didn't wear fur, the Jingle Ball coat looks a lot like real fox. It's a pretty classic design, at the very least, so it's possible that it's a vintage coat.

Long story short: We don't know for sure. But given Miley's history and the designer, we're pretty sure the New Year’s Eve jacket is a fake. We're less sure about the Jingle Ball coat, but given PETA's silence, we bet it's either vintage or a really, really good fake.

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