Remember that thing we said last week about Rihanna turning over a new leaf and perhaps going good? Yeah, we take that back now.

The audaciously Unapologetic singer posted a series of Rated R selfies over the weekend from the set of her "Pour It Up" music video.

In this black-and-white masterpiece, for example, Rihanna seems to only be wearing a fishnet body suit, one nipple barely obscured by her elbow and the other covered by the words "Pour It Up."

Her hairstyle du jour is a curly, platinum white wig. If Halle Berry were to play her X-Men character in a 1920s period piece, she might have the same 'do.

In other, more colorful selfies, Rihanna keeps the wig but changes into a lavender leotard and shades her eyebrows purple. (The Hunger Games’ Effie Trinket would be proud!)

In yet another shot, Rihanna seems to adjust her earrings while an assistant lathers her legs with oil.

Is this the type of looks worn by someone who describes herself as "square"? We think she probably doesn't give her wild ways enough credit!

Do you like these salacious looks? Or is RiRi being a little too low-class for your taste? Let us know below!

Dan Clarendon is an assistant editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter and Google+!