Celebrities and the paparazzi get along about as well as oil and water. Time and again, we’ve seen celebs crack from the near-constant name shouting, car tailing, and personal space invading that, for better or worse, comes along with A-list status.

Credit: Rihanna on Instagram

Rihanna recently vented her frustration with the constant attention via her Instagram. Alongside an October 8 photo of herself  wrapped in a white sheet and looking uncharacteristically downcast, RiRi wrote, “I hate these n—z more than the Nazi.”

Whether “the Nazi” was a simple typo on Rihanna’s part or she meant one specific Nazi (best guess: Hitler), the sentiment of the message is the same: She wants some privacy.

It’s a totally understandable request. We hate having our photo taking most times, let alone all of the time when we have no choice in the matter.

Rihanna may also be feeling particularly vulnerable seeing as her $12-million Los Angeles home was burglarized earlier this month. Nothing was reported stolen but a sliding glass door was smashed in.

It’s the third such incident Rihanna has experienced this year alone. In February, a stalker tried to break into her place and then in June, another creeper hung out on her roof until he was caught by security.

No wonder she wants to hide under a blanket.

Source: Rihanna on Instagram

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