It’s no newsflash that Rihanna loves herself some ink. She’s got tats in all kinds of places: on her neck, along her collarbone, underneath her breasts. You’d think with so much experience going under the needle, getting a new piece of body art would be no big deal for RiRi. That is, unless getting the new piece doesn’t involve a needle.

Credit: Tiki Taane on YouTube

While in New Zealand on her “Diamonds” world tour, Rihanna agreed to a permanent souvenir: a traditional Polynesian tattoo, which is pounded into the flesh with mallet and chisel.

Here’s how it works: First, apply ink to mallet. Second, place mallet on desired location (in Rihanna’s case, her right hand). Third, line up said mallet with chisel. Four, hammer away while a world-famous musician cringes and bites down in pain.

In what looks like a bad game of bloody knuckles, Rihanna gets the traditional tribal tat, even going so far as to dab her own blood off of the emerging design.

Thankfully, she’s in good hands with legendary tattooist Inia Taylor at Moko Ink studio in West Auckland.

For her part, the “S&M” singer stays fairly calm throughout, tilting her head back and closing her eyes as Inia and assistant Tiki Taane carve an intricate pattern of lines from her fingertips to forearm.

When in Rome New Zealand, right?

SourceTiki Taane on YouTube

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