Credit: Instagram

Rihanna can't just show off a wild and vibrant set of Christmas nails, accented with gold rings and bracelets.

She did all that, but she also slid in a racy reference to singer Ke$ha.

RiRi posted the photo shown on December 22, writing, "Christmas nail swag! #lookinlikeijustfingeredKesha#SantaHat #Mistletoe #SnowMan #CandyCane."

Lookin' like she whuh?

And yet ... with all the sparkly colors, she kinda does look like she did that.

Rihanna's friend Katy Perry also showed off festive nails — toenails.

"It's the little things," she wrote when sharing the photo below of her Santa feet.

Looks like Katy is the nice one this year and RiRi is the naughty girl.

What do you think of the nail colors? And what do you think of that hashtag?

Sources: Instagram, Instagram, E! News