Ringer Spoilers Round-up: Juicy Scoop From Rest of Season 1
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Ringer Spoilers Round-up: Juicy Scoop From Rest of Season 1

If you can’t wait until the glorious Ringer returns from hiatus on January 10, check out a sneak peak at next year’s crazy twists and turns with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler round-up! 2012 = Best Year Ever!

1. Henry and Siobhan Are Dunzo

"For Henry, there will be a pretty huge level of guilt and remorse," Kristoffer Polaha says. "People have affairs. But it all got so dark so quickly, and when you see him again in the first episode back, he’ll definitely want nothing to do with Siobhan."

2. We’ll Meet Gemma’s Rich Pops

"Henry will be approached to bring him into the fold — much to his dismay ... but he’s forced to comply with that request," Kristoffer says. "Gregory Harrison (Falcon Crest), who plays my father-in-law, is such a great actor and was awesome to work with."

3. Ringer Picks Up Where It Left Off!

And when the show returns January 10, the plot thickens even more and hits ground running right where it left off! So ... with Bridget sobbing on a balcony.

4. Is Gemma Really, Truly Dead?

Gemma’s officially six-feet under! Well, sort of. "The good thing about this show is, just because you're dead doesn't mean we're not going to see you again," executive producer Nicole Snyder teases. "We have a lot of flashbacks."

Ringer Spoilers Round-up: Juicy Scoop From Rest of Season 1
Credit: The CW    

5. Bridget and Siobhan Come Face-To-Face

With Siobhan staying in town, the sisters may finally meet up. "You have these two sisters playing this chess game ... Ultimately, paths will cross," exec producer Eric Charmelo says. Bridget's ongoing guilt about stealing her sister's life will haunt her, though. "At some point, she'll become overcome with guilt and reach her breaking point."

6. Bridge and Andrew Are Hot To Trot

"She starts to buy in to the fantasy of it, and the sobering fact is this isn't hers and it's built on a lie, so she has to reconcile that disparity somehow," Charmelo says. And if you think Andrew is a knight in shining armor, think again. "Andrew is a good man, but he is not innocent," Snyder warns. And when his ex (guest star Andrea Roth) comes to town, we'll see that Andrew "has a type."

7. Meet Siobhan's "Friends"

A socialite like Siobhan Martin must have more than her architect as a friend. We'll meet her former bestie, Greer Sheridan (guest star Madchen Amick) and Greer's husband (guest star Brody Hutzler). But something in the past drove these two glam gals apart ... hmm, perhaps Siobhan's calculating, backstabbing ways?

8. Mr. Carpenter Didn't Necessarily Force Himself on Juliet

So did Mr. Carpenter (guest star Jason Dohring) really rape Juliet? It's complicated. "Just like everything else on that show, we lead you down one path and we twist it in a new direction," Snyder teases.

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