Ringer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar Wows at San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Did you hear a high-pitched sound coming from the West yesterday? That would be the collective squeal of fanboys in San Diego, totally freaking out when their queen, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bridget and Siobhan), showed up at Comic-Con.

Ringer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar Wows at San Diego Comic-Con 2011
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There to promote her new CW series, Ringer, the woman formerly known as Buffy Summers was one of the 'Con's most wanted. Ringer is Sarah's first series since Buffy ended in 2003, so why the wait? "When you have a show like Buffy that was so perfect, you're not looking for a show to top it," Sarah said during the packed panel. "We wanted to come back and do a show that fans would love that would be different but still exciting."

And even though Sarah has never attended Comic-Con for Buffy (she hit it up once before — for The Grudge in 2004), she was happy to answer questions about her iconic character. The biggest difference between filming Buffy and Ringer? Her new producers aren't down with her doing her own stunts. "On Buffy, I could just go through a wall," she said. "When we were doing this sequence [for Ringer], we had stunt doubles, and I was like, for what? Why do I have a stunt double?"

While Comic-Con is know for its famous “cosplay,” Sarah admitted if she went in costume, she wouldn't go as herself. To a roar of laughter from her loving audience, she said, "If I dressed as Buffy, people would say, 'She's a lame version of Buffy. Buffy is way cooler than that person.'"

Check out the new sneak peek of Ringer shown to lucky Comic-Con attendees.

Source: EW.com

07.23.2011 / 06:09 AM EDT by Heidi Hurst
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