Credit: The CW Photo: Henry and Gemma in ''It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It'' (1.4)

OK, if we take last night’s episode of Ringer at face value, Henry Butler (Kristoffer Polaha) murdered Gemma (Tara Summers) — with the blood on the wall indicating a drunken rage — just as she was getting ready to divorce him and deprive his butt of all her sweet, sweet family money.

Supposing Henry really did make the jump from boozy lout to full-on wife killer, we got Kristoffer Polaha’s thoughts on the shocking development in a Wetpaint Entertainment exclusive.

How will Henry will be able to exist in the Ringer universe if he really did kill Gemma?

I think that this only serves to deepen his existence in the Ringer universe, if the implications are true.

What do you make of the dark turn Henry may have taken?

I think that great television comes from characters who are often morally ambiguous. It’s often more entertaining to watch people who you never really know where they’re coming from.

I think Henry as a character, to me, is somebody who just keeps getting more and more interesting. What Henry does makes for more exciting television.


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