Credit: Scott Alan Humbert and Greg Gayne/The CW ©2011 The CW Network Photo: Juliet and Mr. Carpenter in Season 1, Episode 7: “Maybe We Should Get a Dog Instead”

Mr. Carpenter made it pretty clear this week that he wants nothing to do with Juliet’s million dollar panties — but that’s never stopped a Blair Waldorf impersonator before. This girl is fatal-attraction obsessed with her sexy teach, and it looks like she’ll stop at nothing to have a sexy study session with him.

Now, most girls would hang their heads in shame after being kicked out of a class for sexual harassment, but not Juliet. She changed into an even shorter dress, fluffed her hair, and joined his extracurricular class.

And is it just us, or did we see a glint in Mr. C’s eye? He might claim to like gals his own age, but Juliet’s mature in more ways than one. Is he secretly holding a torch for his underage student?