The revelations keep coming fast and furious on Ringer! And after a week-long break, episode 7, "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them," upped the ante on shocking twists in a major way.

Don't read any further if you haven't watched yet ... SPOILER ALERT!

Credit: The CW Photo: Siobhan Learns She's Pregnant in Season 1, Episode 3: "If You Ever Need a French Lesson" (1.3)

So, let's review what we learned:

1. Charlie (Billy Miller) is eeeevil ... sigh. So hot, yet so bad. He's the one who's been on the phone with Siobhan Martin. They're in cahoots and plotted murder!

2. Charlie killed Gemma. Aw, and we were still holding out hope that she jetted off to the Seychelles or something.

And let's review the big cliffhanger of a question the ep left off with:

1. How the h-e-l-l Bridget Kelly is gonna fake a pregnancy during an ultrasound (gulp).

We can't wait to see how Bridge gets away with it! What did you think of Ringer episode 7?