Credit: Art Streiber/ The CW ©2011 The CW Network Photo: Who's the Hotter Ringer Hunk: Henry or Andrew?

Siobhan is one lucky lady! Not only does she collect priceless artwork of her own giant face, she also has two sexy lovers!

First up is her house husband, Andrew. He’s tall, handsome and — get this — British! The downer? Andrew must not be that good at hanky panky because Shiv withheld sex from him for months.

Then there’s Henry. When he’s not rubbing blood off walls and acting like a first class murderer, this struggling writer is a bonafide heart-breaker! Just look at those soulful eyes. Plus, we’ve had a few glimpses at his passionate affair with Shiv, and all we can say is: bow chicka wow wow.

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