RIP Revenge’s Sammy the Dog: Circa 1980s-2012


RIP Revenge’s Sammy the Dog: Circa 1980s-2012

It's the end of an era. The canine formally known as Sammy the Dog is officially deceased after depriving himself of fluids for almost a day.

Though Sammy's last image in this world was Jack making out with Emily over his half-dead body (uncool, guys), he lived a happy life full of beach-frolicking and bar-flies.

Some say Sammy moonlighted as The White-Haired Man, others say he was the Hamptons grim reaper, but the truth is that this pup was just like us. All he wanted was to eat, sleep, and watch Revenge.

Sammy's death came as a shock to those who loved him, but considering the fact that he hobbled 14 miles to Emily's bungalow, it's hardly a surprise that he kicked the bucket. Little guy just wanted to die next to an infinity sign, ok?

Sammy might be six feet under, but he'll always live on in our hearts and we're pretty sure his corpse will be found floating in the ocean any day now. The hole Emily dug in the sand wasn't all that deep.

RIP, Sammy. We'll binge eat, like, five milk bones in your honor.

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05.17.2012 / 10:08 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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