RIP Velvet: Bravo Pays Tribute to Kenya Moore’s Precious Puppy (VIDEO)
Credit: Kenya Moore on Instagram    

Real Housewives of Atlanta

RIP Velvet: Bravo Pays Tribute to Kenya Moore’s Precious Puppy (VIDEO)

When you're mourning the loss of a friend, sometimes the best thing to do is just remember the good times. On last week's April 13 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore lost her beloved dog Velvet, and we saw her sob in anguish. On tonight's April 13 Season 6 finale, we watched Kenya's emotional funeral service for her furry friend of seven years.

Bravo shared a video "In Loving Memory of Velvet," showing unseen footage of Kenya and her dog. (Watch it below). "Velvet is like my baby," Kenya says. "She's a sweet girl, she's beautiful, she's smart." We see Kenya try to teach Velvet to bow, then the doggie gives Kenya a "10” with both paws. When NeNe Leakes visits to see their new home, she pretends to be afraid of Velvet, who wants to sit on her lap and play.

At the end of the video, Kenya says, "I love Velvet with all my heart. She was a constant in my life. I know that I am changed for the better because she was in my life."

Anyone who is in your life every day for seven years is going to leave an impact, especially when they’re your best little buddy and trusted confidante. The Real Housewives are judged all the time — they put themselves in this position, it’s on them — but at least Kenya could come home to her baby Velvet, who only loved and never judged.

Source: Bravo