Rob Kardashian Floods Instagram With Cheating Blac Chyna Receipts (UPDATE)
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian Floods Instagram With Cheating Blac Chyna Receipts (UPDATE)


UPDATE (7/7/2017 at 1:30 p.m. ET)

Well, whoever she's texting, Blac Chyna will probably need to get a new phone number soon.

After a long rant about his ex's extra curriculars, Rob shared a screengrab from her phone that looks to reveal her personal mobile number.

Rob Kardshian Blac Chyna phone number

Read on for the rest of Rob's revenge on his ex!

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Original story (7/5/2017 at 12:30 p.m. ET): Another day, another ChyRob drama unfolding on Instagram.

A flurry of screen grabs and uploads proving Blac Chyna is cheating hit Rob Kardashian's social media on Wednesday, July 5, including a NSFW photo and a nearly NSFW video.

The tumultuous, on-again, off-again couple has never been what you might call stable, but we think this might be the most damning evidence yet that Dream's parents are not meant to be.

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While we're not entirely sure what their relationship status has been these past few months, they seemed to be coparenting well after calling off their engagement in February.

But — unless we're looking at a multi-account hack here — these two seem far from friendly now.

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chyna cheating receipts continued

"I got receipts for days and when it comes to doing drugs and f—king dudes in the bed my daughter lays I don't play," one of the screenshotted notes he posted says.

In another he thanks his late father for showing him the truth. "I had my daughter out of Love but this woman left the second I paid for her body surgery and then she was out.

"Chyna please get help."

He then shared a video that seems to show his ex, whose real name is Angela White, going in for surgery.

Though it's unclear what kind of surgery, a very out of it Chyna is wished "happy anniversary" by Rob as she's wheeled into the operating room.

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In addition to accusing Chyna of cheating with multiple men, the father of one accused his baby's mother of substance abuse and using him to get back at Tyga.

Keep clicking for more of Rob's rant.

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Rob Kardashian rant
rob k rant

In addition to these rants, the 30-year-old shared some almost NSFW video and a photo that could get him in big trouble with the law.

In the state of California, "revenge porn" is illegal, so unless Rob can prove he was hacked, the nude photo of his ex is damning evidence in a court of law. 

Click on to see what we mean.

The black bar is ours — what Rob shared was a lot more graphic!

blac chyna nude

Though the mom of two has been silent on Instagram and Twitter, her Snapchat had retaliatory claims of physical abuse.

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"Rob y did all this but y beat me up and try act it never happen!" a note read.

"On my kids but I'm supposed to be quiet because you're a Kardashian."

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club
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Anyone else getting the feeling these two belong more on Love & Hip Hop than Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Maybe that's the plan!

Time will tell if this is a legit feud, an elaborate hack or — and our money's here — a stunt to produce storyline.

However it shakes out, watch this space for more updates!