Rob Kardashian Deletes Tweets After Kimye Wedding, Gets Religious on Memorial Day (VIDEO)
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Rob Kardashian Deletes Tweets After Kimye Wedding, Gets Religious on Memorial Day (VIDEO)

Is Rob Kardashian having a breakdown, a breakthrough, or just a clean break from all the drama around him?

He flew to Europe for his sister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West, then flew home before the big event. There are rumors that maybe he left because of a family fight, or because Kim made a crack about his weight, but Rob has yet to address the situation himself.

He did, however, decide to start fresh when it comes to his own Twitter presence. He deleted everything before Monday, May 26, and started new today with "happy memorial day." After that, he shared some religious tweets:

• "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Psalm 33:12"

• "Lord Jesus, protect those who protect me- police, firefighters, and those in the military."

• "Teach me to pray for them and to honor them for their service. Amen."


Yes, God bless America — and the many female porn stars he's following! Rob still has his nearly 5 million Twitter followers, and he's now following 22 people — including a few XXX actresses, as well as his family members. So it's not like he's stopped following his family, he's just evolving his personal message.

He also shared a photo with Scott Disick, who has two children with Rob's sister, Kourtney. "Happy Birthday @ScottDisick! Love You Brother!" Rob wrote. (Scott turned 31 today.) That's it so far — a total of six tweets.

No tweets about Kim, Kanye, or the wedding. Maybe he’s just trying to keep everything positive. It’s his business why he flew home early, and he can explain the situation if he ever feels like it, but he might not. In the meantime, we wish him good luck with this Ctrl-Alt-Delete he seems to be doing with his life. Every so often, we all need a reboot!

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