Rob Kardashian Speaks Out on Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Separation
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Rob Kardashian Speaks Out on Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Separation

Word’s out that Kris Jenner and her husband of 22 years, Bruce, are separated making the obvious follow-up question, “How does the news affect the kids?” Not very much, at least for 26-year-old Rob.

“They’re best friends,” he tells ET Online of his mom and stepdad. “They’re happier than ever. You guys got to watch Season 9 to see.” That is, if there is a Season 9. With ratings dropping fast for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the future of the show seems questionable.

Still, Rob insists that at least for Kris and Bruce, “everything is completely fine. They’re happy. They’re doing their thing and to me, that’s just their business.”

He plans to keep Bruce in his life — “that will never change” — and says “there’s no bad blood” between any members of the family. “I don’t think they can be in a happier place right now,” he concludes.

Rob wasn’t quite as enthusiastic when talking about his older sister Khloe and her widely reported marital problems with husband of four years, Lamar Odom.

“Honestly, I support both parties,” Rob says. “Lamar, I love him, he’s my brother but Khloe is also my sister.” Having been out of town recently and “just focusing on me,” Rob didn’t have much more to say on the matter beyond added, “Khloe’s very good and she’s happy and she’s just going in the right direction.”

Is that direction pointed toward the courthouse and divorce proceedings? No comment from Rob.

Source: ET Online

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