Rob Kardashian Knew About Lamar Odom’s Drug Problem For a Year — Report
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Rob Kardashian Knew About Lamar Odom’s Drug Problem For a Year — Report

Lamar Odom's alleged drug addiction may have come as a shock to fans and many members of the Kardashian clan, but there’s one person in his inner circle who has known about his dark secrets for a long time.

A source for RadarOnline reports that Rob Kardashian “[has] known about Lamar’s drug addiction for over a year. How could he not as he has lived under the same roof with Lamar and Khloe? Rob even spent a significant amount of time with Khloe and Lamar when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.”

Despite Rob and Lamar’s formerly close relationship, the insider reveals that Lamar’s behavior never rubbed off on his brother-in-law.

Rob isn’t a party animal like Lamar, and drugs just aren’t his scene. The two used to be very close, but have drifted apart because Lamar has been abusing Oxy and cheating on Khloe. Rob has continued to live at the Tarzana mansion to support Khloe, he really has her back.”

While the source claims that Lamar “is really trying to make amends with both Khloe and Rob,” Rob is understandably angry at him, allegedly engaging in a heated argument with his former pal after rumors of Lamar’s infidelity first broke.

It looks as though, particularly in the wake of his DUI arrest, the Kardashian family's patience with Lamar is wearing thin, and he may be close to losing his last ally. “Khloe is being more receptive, but Rob is very suspicious because Lamar is still refusing to go to rehab,” says the source.

Do you think Rob should have stepped in to help Lamar earlier?

Source: RadarOnline