Rob Kardashian Reconnects With Lamar Odom for Support — Report
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Rob Kardashian Reconnects With Lamar Odom for Support — Report

It’s no secret: Rob Kardashian’s had a pretty rough go of it lately. Between struggling with his weight issues and his cryptic, sad tweet earlier this week (which he looks to have since deleted), it sounds like he could use a little help. Fortunately, Rob may have found the perfect confidant in his brother-in-law, Lamar Odom, according to Surprised seeing as Lamar’s on the outs with Rob’s sister Khloe? We get that.

“[Rob] has completely retreated from the family, and from his friends,” says an insider close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. “But within the last few weeks, Rob has reconnected with Lamar.”

“It was extremely hard for Rob when Lamar and Khloe split, because first and foremost, he hated what it did to Khloe,” the source continues. “The split also essentially had ended Rob and Lamar’s relationship … They called each other ‘brother’ and meant it. There was a lot of love there.”

And don’t worry about Khloe — big sis has already given her ex-hubby the thumbs up to chat with her little bro whenever he wants. “Lamar asked her if it was OK if he reached to Rob and of course, she said yes,” the source says. “No matter what happens with them in the future as a couple, Khloe wants her brother and Lamar to maintain their friendship.”

We’re so glad Rob has found someone he can confide in, especially since his weight gain seems to have hit him really hard in the self-esteem. Hope he gets back to feeling like his old self soon!