Rob Kardashian Returns to Social Media With Photo of Dream After Blac Chyna Drama
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Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian Returns to Social Media With Photo of Dream After Blac Chyna Drama


Has he learned his lesson?

Rob Kardashian returned to social media on July 21 after weeks of silence since his explosive rant against ex Blac Chyna.

The reality star posted a photo of his daughter Dream on Twitter.

Without breaking his restraining order from his model ex, the 30-year-old posted a captionless photo of his little one in what looks like a ball pit.

Less than two weeks ago, Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against Rob.

"Posting pictures of Dream is not a violation of the restraining order. Mr. Kardashian was ordered to stay away from [Blac Chyna], not to contact her, not to share intimate photos or medical information about her and not to cyber bully her," Chyna's attorney told E! News.

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"We are looking forward to the next hearing to secure permanent orders against Mr. Kardashian to ensure his long term compliance," her attorney said.

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Since the order was placed, it is reported that Rob is receiving counseling, according to E! News.

"Rob did apologize to the family and has major regrets over the way he acted. He is very remorseful and upset with himself over what he did," a source said.

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"Now, he is embarrassed and knows he needs to be better for Dream," the insider added.

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"There's no excuse and he is taking responsibility. He also realizes that there could be consequences and that he won't be able to see Dream," a source told E! News.

"That is what's most important to him and not being able to be with her is what scares him the most. He is trying to learn from this and move forward. He just wants to be a good dad and focus on that."

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The youngest Kardashian and Dream's mother are set to go back to court in August to finalize the restraining order.

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