Rob Kardashian Cries About His Weight Gain Every Day!
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Rob Kardashian Cries About His Weight Gain Every Day!

Rob Kardashian may now be on the road to weight loss success, but on last night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians we found out just what a tough road it’s been for him! During a pow-wow between Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Lamar, Rob’s ballooning weight came up in conversation, and after a few well-meaning jibes (“Rob had more pop tarts in his room today”), Kim revealed a pretty sad truth about their baby bro.

He’s miserable,” Kim told her siblings. “He told me he pulls over and cries in the car once a day.”

On the phone with Kim later, Rob sounded just as miserable as she described.

“I’ve never felt so down depressed in my life,” he told his big sis. “I’m trying to be in the fashion industry and I’m not going to be taken seriously when I’m fifty pounds overweight. It’s embarrassing to the family.”

Kim responds like any good sister would. “Robbie, I love you and don’t even say you’re an embarrassment to the family again,” she chided, and the two make a plan to meet the next day and work on a weight loss regimen.

Kim seems genuinely stoked to be helping her brother out, and sets up a workout with trainer Gunnar Peterson the next day. But Rob flakes on her!

Kim and Khloe decide to use reverse psychology and set up a fast food binge for Rob, in the hopes that he’ll eat himself sick and never want to see a french fry again. So Kim orders spread of cheeseburgers and cheese fries and pizza and Chinese food, and Rob happily joins in on her pregnancy pig out. He even adds in a little ice cream for dessert.

Did it work? Hell no! The next morning, Rob is up and eating leftover fast food! Kim’s diagnosis: food addiction.

No one is sure what to do, because they know that can’t help Rob until he wants to help himself. Enter: Lamar Odom. No word on exactly how this NBA baller got through to Rob, but at the end of the episode Rob tells the fam that he’s looking forward to working out with his brother-in-law.

Will he stick with it? Stay tuned!

06.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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