Rob Kardashian Opens Up About His Scary Weight-Related Medical Issues
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Rob Kardashian Opens Up About His Scary Weight-Related Medical Issues

Rob Kardashian has always seemed like a pretty sensitive guy, and on this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob proved that his recent weight gain has given him more than just a health scare — it’s crushed his spirits, too.

Rob, who learned during the episode that his rapid weight gain had pushed him into a dangerous territory, putting him on the brink of organ failure, opened up about how he’s dealing with the harsh reality his new body has made him face.

“It’s a shock to me. I was at my best health at 26, and now I have numbers that are freaking my whole family out,” says the reality star of his rapidly declining health.

While Rob has admitted that he’s embarrassed by his expanding figure, he says he’s equally concerned about the repercussions for the rest of his family, should his health get any worse.

“My dad passed away super early, so my sisters could never handle that again…that’s what everybody is super concerned about,” he reveals.

Although Rob’s family has his back — especially sister Khloe, who has often been the target of weight-related criticism in the media — he says that he’s worried about how his weight gain is affecting the image-conscious Kardashians.

“It’s embarrassing to the family,” says the star.

Don’t worry Rob, we know you can do this!

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