Rob Kardashian\'s Weight Loss is Becoming Dangerous — Report
Rob Kardashian
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Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss is Becoming Dangerous — Report


Since Rob Kardashian posted his slimmed down selfie on Instagram earlier this year, it seems like he’s finally on the path to getting healthier. Sounds awesome, right? Not if he’s going about it in a dangerous way, whicht could be the case.


Rob’s current diet is pretty unsafe and could be putting his body in some serious danger, according to Radar Online. Apparently, he’s losing weight way too fast to be healthy, and because of that, he’s experiencing some scary side effects.




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“He’s dehydrated all the time, gets palpitations and it’s putting a lot of stress on his heart while his body goes into starvation mode,” a source close to Rob said. “He should be taking the same time to lose this weight as he did to put it on, but now that he’s seeing results, you just can’t stop him.”


It has to be pretty gratifying if he’s seeing crazy results, but if his diet is dangerous and causing him to starve, as soon as he tries a different method, all of the weight he lost could come back, and that could be very discouraging for him. The best way to lose weight? Healthy food and plenty of exercise, even if that method sometimes takes forever.


And as for a healthier program moderated by doctors? That doesn’t seem to be an option.


“He doesn’t ever want to work a program,” the insider added. “None of them can work a 12 Step program, or anything public because it would hardly be anonymous.”


Understandable. We just hope that Rob doesn’t take his diet too far. We’re all for him striving for a healthier life, but we don’t want him to hurt himself!