Robb Dies on Game of Thrones: Where Does That Leave House Stark?
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Game of Thrones

Robb Dies on Game of Thrones: Where Does That Leave House Stark?

When Game of Thrones began, House Stark was happily united in Winterfell; their biggest source of pain seemed to be Cat's angst over her husband’s illegitimate son, Jon Snow. Three seasons later, and suddenly Winterfell is burning, the house is divided and scattered, and its patriarch has been murdered.

Is there any hope for the Starks? Let's run down where everyone stands after the Red Wedding, based on the HBO series alone.

Ned Stark. Dead. Deader than dead. Super duper dead. So dead, the writers took time to have the guy who can bring people back to life say that nope, Ned is definitely the deadest. We mean, he was played by Sean Bean. This guy is gone. Miss you, Mr. Honorable.

Robb Stark. Based on Episode 9, also very, very dead — along with his entire army. Not only is the King of the North gone, but the North's forces are decimated, making it unlikely that someone will successfully take up the fight in his name. So long, King in the North. (Find out more about Robb's fate based on the books.)

Talisa and the baby: They also appear to be really, really dead.

Cat Stark. Yep, mom looks to be a goner, too. Whoops. (Find out more about her fate based on the books.)

Jon Snow. Jon is technically not a Stark twice over — he's a bastard and sworn to the Night's Watch. Still, he's a Stark in our books. Life as a spy in the North isn't exactly easy, and now he's down a hot girlfriend and he's seriously injured. At least he's not dead?

Sansa Stark. Is technically a Lannister now, which is messed up in a whole different way. While she is alive, and therefore faring better than many of her family members, Sansa's position in King's Landing is far from enviable. She's still under the Lannisters' thumbs, and now she's bound by marriage to Tyrion. Will she ever be able to escape the clutches of her foes (perhaps with Jaime and Brienne's help...), or will she be stuck in the lion’s den forever?

Arya Stark. Arya came this close to reuniting with her family before the Red Wedding ruined it all. On the upside, she still has her own name and her relative freedom. On the downside, she's with the Hound, and it's always hard to tell exactly what he's going to do. But honestly, it could be a lot worse for a girl on the run.

Bran and Rickon Stark. Half the world thinks Bran and Rickon are dead, which is actually a bonus for them. They're free, they're alive, and they've got some awesome companions taking care of them. That's good for them, but since no one knows where they are or that they're alive, it doesn't help the Stark cause much.

Do you think House Stark can ever reunite and recover, or was the Red Wedding the end of the rulers of the North? Sound off in the comments below!

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